Best 5 Private Instagram Viewer Apps

You want to see the activity of someone on Instagram secretly. Private Instagram viewer apps help you to do it. After using it, you can see the movement of your friends, relatives, or others on Instagram.

As you know, Instagram and all other social media platforms use a lot of people. But some people want to keep their privacy and make a private account on Instagram. Now, you can see those accounts and all Instagram users’ accounts secretly. 

It means you can see all accounts without notifying the owner of those accounts. Let’s explore all the best private Instagram viewer apps. If you want to increase rank your profile n Instagram must explore TopFollow App.

MSPY Free Private Instagram Viewer App

It’s the first Private Instagram viewer app that provides access to all secret data of other people’s Instagram accounts. You will be able to see all the activities of 3rd person on Instagram without following him and notifying him.

App NameMSPY
App Size7MB
Supported DevicesAndroid | iOS and iPad

As you see, the specifications of this App are in the table. Now, let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of this App.


  • Updated App
  • Low Size
  • Valuable Ratings
  • Satisfied Results
  • Live official video available for using this App
  • 100 percent secure


  • Premium plans comes with high price
  • Limited features in free version

How to Use MSPY App

Step 1: Download the MSPY App on your Android or iPhone.

Step 2: Then select the plan. If you want to use it for free, choose the free plan.

Step 3: Provide the username of your Instagram account in which you want to see the private activity of it.


It’s a third private Instagram viewer application. You can easily secretly view the Instagram account with the help of it. You can also see personal Instagram with this app. It’s the best application for unblocking all the private features of Instagram.

App NameGlassagram
App Size3 MBs
Supported DevicesAndroid | iOS and iPad


  • Best user interface and experience
  • Very easy to navigate
  • Provide access within a seconds to any private or simple Instagram account


  • Difference in android and iOS versions
  • iOS versions have some extra features

How To Use Glassagram App

Step 1: Download and Install on your devices the same as you do in other applications

Step 2: Put the URL of your private Instagram account which you want to see all the things it

Step 3: At last, get access to all private accounts in a single click


If you are looking for a tiny app for seeing private things of other Instagram accounts, likes, followers, and likes without notifying them. The best application is the Xmobi Instagram viewer app. 

XMobi is a free Instagram viewer app that can access all other Instagram accounts.

App NameXMobi
App Size2 MBs
Supported DevicesAndroid | iOS and iPad


  • You don’t need to do human verification or other recaptcha, which wastes your time in this application. 
  • You get access to all Instagram private accounts
  • Less size and best ratings 


  • Target Instagram account username is needed while we working on this application

How to Use XMobi App

Step 1: Download it according to your device

Step 2: Same, as the first app, enter the username of that person Instagram in which you want to explore it secretly.

Step 3: Explore that account and see all the images and videos and download it if you want.


In the list of Private Instagram viewer apps. How can we forget this application? You can get all the best features in this app for seeing and exploring all its activities. You can easily download pictures and videos from it.

App NameGwaa
App Size3.5 MBs
Supported DevicesAndroid | iOS and iPad


  • Best ratings and less application size
  • Provide you all information of private Instagram account


  • Support System
  • Limited features as compare to other private Instagram app

How To Use Gwaa App

Step 1: Download it from the Play Store or Apple Store. 

Step 2: Follow the steps that apps provide you for exploring your Instagram account

Step 3: Get the information.


The eyeZy Instagram viewer is the last in my private Instagram views apps list. You can explore all the likes, followers, and comments on it. If you bear the size of this application, which is very high compared to other apps, then it’s the best choice for you. Do you know? In my other blog I also provide how to get 1000 free likes on Instagram.

App NameeyeZy
App Size30 MBs
Supported DevicesAndroid | iOS and iPad


  • Monthly Updates
  • Valuable reviews
  • Satisfied audience


  • Third party application but secured

How To Use eyeZe App

Step 1: Download Gwaa app  it in on your mobile phone

Step 2: Put the account url and see the account secretly 


As you see above, I provide you with five private Instagram viewer apps after installing one of these applications. You can see all the activities of the third-person account privately. 

Even if you follow them, they don’t get the notification due to this application. The apps I suggest you use are 100 percent safe third-party apps. So, download it without any worries. I hope you will enjoy these applications. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The best application for viewing a private Instagram account is MSPY.

Yes, the apps I provided you with are free. However, it also has premium plans for some of these apps. But you don’t need to subscribe to it because all needs would be completed in free versions.

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