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I understand you want to use TopFollow APK, but you need some help with using the latest versions of this application. Therefore, I have brought TopFollow old versions for you and found the solution to your problem. 

First, let me tell you the reason of  with the latest version of the TopFollow Apk. The main reason for facing that problem with the new version is that your Android version needs to be updated. 

Some people use TopFollow ios on older Iphones; some use old Android phones with old Android versions. Remember, if you want to use the TopFollow apk latest version, you must have the latest Android version. Otherwise, It causes an error. 

If you have an old iOS or Android version, please use TopFollow old versions for better results. 

Why Does an Instagram User Need To Download TopFollow?

TopFollow is an essential app for Instagram Users. Why? Because if you want to become a celebrity with thousands of followers and make a popular new Instagram profile, then you should download this app.

Otherwise, your profile only ranks within a day if you go without any third party or the apps that provide you with these things. 

If you work on your Instagram profile without this app, It takes time to increase your followers. But most people do not have time to wait when their followers, likes, or comments rise. 

The other reason for using this app is that it provides non-drop followers and likes. So that’s why TopFollow is the need for new Instagram users. 

TopFollow Old Versions

How do we rank our profile through TopFollow Old Versions or latest?

TopFollow helps you to rank your profile faster and allows you to promote your work and become a celebrity. But you need to know that your profile ranks when you post quality content.

Make only one quality or informational post in a day and post it on Instagram. It’s enough! You don’t need to post indefinitely on Instagram because quality is better than quantity, and quality matters. 

Now what do I mean by quality content? Quality content means something other than that you have to work on Adobe to make a quality post or have an excellent camera to produce quality content. 

It means the information or product you should provide on your Insta post must be understandable. It means the other person can understand it easily. 

If the other insta users like your post and Instagram recommends your position, your content is good, and you keep posting that type of content. 

If you post content that is not valuable or low quality and after that, you use the TopFollow app, then this is not fair. 

Because with the help of TopFollow, you increase your followers. You also grow your likes and comments. But, you have yet to show in Instagram recommendations, or Insa does not promote your posts due to invaluable content. 

You must use the TopFollow older version, If your mobile have old model. If your mobile is the latest, then use the newest version. 

Download TopFollow V5.2.3 APK

App Name TopFollow V5.0.2
Android Version RequirementsAbove Android version 5.0
SecurityNo virus found
Size15 MB

Download TopFollow V5.2.2 APK

App Name TopFollow V5.2.2
Android Version RequirementsAbove Android version 5.0
SecurityNo virus found
Size12 MB

Download TopFollow V5.0.2 APK

App Name TopFollow V5.0.2
Android Version RequirementsAndroid version 5.0
SecurityNo virus found
Size12 MB

Download TopFollow V4.5.6 APK

App Name TopFollow V4.5.6
Android Version RequirementsAndroid 5.0 plus
SecurityNo virus found
Size12.5 MB

Download TopFollow V4.5.2 APK

App Name TopFollow V4.5.2
Android Version RequirementsAndroid 5.0
SecurityNo virus found
Size12.8 MB

Download TopFollow V4.4 APK

App Name TopFollow V4.4
Android Version RequirementsAndroid 5.0
SecurityNo virus found
Size14.5 MB

Download TopFollow V4.2 APK

App Name TopFollow V4.2
Android Version RequirementsAndroid 5.0 required
SecurityNo virus found
Size16 MB

Download TopFollow V4.1 APK

App Name TopFollow V4.1
Android Version RequirementsAndroid 5.0 required
SecurityNo virus found
Size11.5 MB

Download TopFollow V4.0 APK

App Name TopFollow V4.0
Android Version RequirementsAndroid 5.0 required
SecurityNo virus found
Size11.7 MB

Download TopFollow V3.9 APK

App Name TopFollow V3.9
Android Version RequirementsAndroid V4.9 required
SecurityNo virus found
Size10.5 MB

Download TopFollow V3.8 APK

App Name TopFollow V3.8
Android Version RequirementsAndroid V4.9 required
SecurityNo virus found
Size10.8 MB

Download TopFollow V3.7 APK

App Name TopFollow V3.7
Android Version RequirementsAndroid V4.7 + required
SecurityNo virus found
Size8.5 MB

Download TopFollow V3.6 APK

App Name TopFollow V3.6
Android Version RequirementsAndroid V4.7 + required
SecurityNo virus found
Size8 MB

Download TopFollow V3.5 APK

App Name TopFollow V3.5
Android Version RequirementsAndroid V4.6 + required
SecurityNo virus found
Size6 MB

TopFollow Old Version Which Is Valuable For You

TopFollow Old Versions Which Is Valuable For You

Straightforward It depends on your needs. I have given you different old versions, which require different Android versions. 

First, the old version we have is V5.2.2, which was recently added to our old version list. As you know, the developers of TopFollow are very active in this App. And it’s one of the main reasons for suggesting this application is the updates of this App.

The developer of this application tried to provide new and latest features of Instagram to TopFollow users. That’s why they introduced Topfollow’s latest version, V5.2.3, two days ago. That’s why we added V5.2.2 in old versions.

For Example: If your mobile version is less than Android 10.0 and above 5.0, then you have many choices to use TopFollow Old Version. The best Old version which supports Android 5.0+ is Top Follow version 5.0.2. 

This version is slightly different from the latest version. So, this is best for users with less than an Android 10 Version. 

If you use Android 5.0 mobile, choose TopFollow 4.9 or others. If your Android version needs to be higher, the last old version is for you, which supports Android 3.5. 

But many updates still need to be included in these old Android 3.5 versions. So for better usage, use Android 4.1 or above as your mobile requirements. 

Remember, TopFollow old versions sometimes cause bugs or an error. But you need to bear these issues because these apps are not updated. 


  • Supports Lower Android Version.
  • Promo Codes.
  • Rank your Profile


  • These apps are not updated
  • Third Party App
  • Some minor bugs but fix within minutes


Above, you get all Old versions of the TopFollow application. I provide these versions for those users who use old mobile phones and have an old Android version. And they don’t have money to buy a new smartphone. However, don’t go with old versions if you have the latest mobile phones. Otherwise, you may need some help.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on you. If your mobile is old and you use the below Android 10 version, then use TopFollow old version. If your Android version is the latest, use the Latest TopFollow version. 

Some bugs are formed while you are using the app because these apps are not updated. But when you restart the app, it runs smoothly again.

Yes, It supports different Old versions and supports different Android versions. You need to see all the Old version details above. After that, you will better understand.

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