How To Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Do you want to start an Instagram profile? If you are creating it, you need to know How to optimize your Instagram profile because It’s essential to optimize your profile for rank or growth. 

Let me share the most important things to notice while optimizing your Instagram profile. You should know the best times to post on Instagram, reels, relevant hashtags, and location, and leverage stories about your business profile while optimizing your Instagram profile. 

So, when you follow all these things, your profile will be fully optimized, and your followers will also increase. Let’s explain all these points of how to optimize your Instagram profile. 

Posts At The Best Times

Choose best times to post on Instagram

When optimizing your Instagram profile, You must know to post at the correct times. Why do you need to post at the best time? It will help you to increase your user engagement. 

When you are posting according to the target audience, your post’s viral chances will increase. Your post reach has also increased. If you are not posting according to your audience and user, a bar will not reach your user at the right time. 

For Example: Suppose your audience is from the UK or US, and you are from India or Pakistan. You should have to post at night because there’s a time difference between the UK and the US. When you post at night, it immediately reaches your followers, and in this way, they like your post.  

You should understand the importance of posting at the correct times on Instagram. So, it’s the first point of the answer to your question, “How to optimze your Instagram profile.” You can also call this section on how to optimize your Instagram post. 


Upload reels on Instagram

Reels are the second most crucial thing during Instagram profile optimization because Instagram wants you to upload quality reels. Same as TikTok, Youtube, and other social media platforms like this introduced their reels.

Remember, don’t post your reels for more than a minute,post reels for less than 60 seconds. When making your reel, ensure you cover all things in short according to your Topic. 

If you are making high-quality reels, it must be viral, and your account must overgrow. For instant growth of your Instagram account, use TopFollow App.

Usage of Relevant Hashtags

Relevant Hashtags

When we talk about increasing Instagram followers, likes, and reach or optimizing our Instagram profile, the most crucial factor we notice is our hashtags. Yes, Hashtags help us in everything if it’s used correctly and is relevant to your Topic. 

Please avoid spamming while using hashtags. Because when you use unlimited hashtags in a single post, don’t optimize it. Your post ranking will decrease instead of increase. So, it is better to use relevant hashtags, the most popular hashtags according to the Topic in your post. 

When you use it, your post reaches your followers and other people who have used the popular hashtags you used in your post. What is the main thing to notice while getting the answer to How to optimize your Instagram profile? 

Then, my answer is if you don’t have time to do proper profile optimization, focus on relevant hashtags. Let me tell you how to find the most popular and relevant hashtags.

How To Find The Best And Popular Hashtags For Your Post

  • First, search your topic or niche. 
  • Many posts will shown to you on Instagram after a search. Then, analyze the hashtags of your competitor’s ranking after using it. Try to use those hashtags in your post. And see how your post ranks after using it.
  • Use those hashtags in your posts that big companies use.
  • Go to Instagram search, then write #(Your Niche Name) and click on search. You found a hundred popular hashtags, according to your post.

How To Optimize Your Instagram Profile For Converting Simple Account Into Business

When you make a new Instagram profile, it’s simple. You need help seeing the dashboard of your progress here. So, during profile optimization, you must convert it into a business profile. 

When you enable the business profile, You see your progress dashboard. Other people visit your page followers, which attracts them to follow you. With the profile dashboard, you improve all bad and good practices in your profile. 

You also see how your follower’s status is going. If it’s going down, you must know why I am losing followers on Instagram. If it’s not increasing, check how to increase Instagram followers.

I am giving you the answer to How to optimize your Instagram profile. In last, when we covert our profile into business. We can run ads and boast our posts through Instagram. So, if we have a budget, Instagram promotes our profile itself. 


The main thing in optimizing your Instagram profile is the content in your posts on Instagram. If your content is good, post it on best times and use good hashtags. If you follow these things, your profile will be 100 percent optimized.

Frequently Asked Questions

Optimize your hashtags and post at the correct times. If you focus on these things, your profile will be optimized better. 

Yes, if you are growing your business on Instagram. That account must be converted into business. However, if you use your profile, it’s up to you to transform your business profile. 

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