Why I Am losing Instagram Followers

I know you are worried about lost followers on Instagram. You want the answer: Why I Am losing Instagram Followers? Don’t worry! Let me tell you the reason for it. The main motive for losing followers on Instagram is your content. 

You should create low-quality content on your profile; if you make good-quality content, you may not post content according to user or niche. These are some of the main reasons for losing followers on Instagram. To avoid losing followers on Instagram, you must know who unfollowed you on Instagram. Let me explain the problems and the solution to lost followers on Instagram.

Reasons of Lost Instagram Followers

Reasons of losing followers on Instagram

As I tell you the main reasons for your question, Why I Am losing Instagram Followers above in the first paragraph? So, here I explain to you these reasons. I ask you that the cause of lost followers is content. Now, when you post content on Instagram, your content is not wrong, just due to it’s bad quality. 

It’s many things to notice that your content is not good. First, check the image quality you post on your Instagram profile. Your image must be in a high-quality format and attractive. If your post image is good, it will attract your followers. 

After that, post according to your followers. For example, if you are working on How to increase Instagram followers on your profile. And you are posting content on this niche, so your followers will be increased. And suddenly, you change your place and start posting other content on your website. But your followers don’t like the other content you posted on your profile. Therefore, they unfollowed you, and you lost them.

The last reason I researched and faced lost followers for Instagram is that you post content according to your niche rather than your topic. If your post is related to growing your followers, you write in positions to increase your likes. So, your users don’t like this, and they unfollow you.

Above are some reasons Why I am losing Instagram followers. Above, I provide a brief guide on how your content causes you to lose your followers. I hope you understand now the reason. Let’s go to how to avoid losing followers on Instagram.

Solution Of Losing Followers For Instagram

Solution Of Lost Instagram followers
  • Use high-quality images relevant to your niche. It is better to use infographics in which all the main points of your post caption are written. 
  • Work on one niche and post relevant content according to it. Don’t go outside of your place. Otherwise, you lose your followers, which can follow you due to the niche you have been working on before. 
  • Give content to your users, which you promise in your title. Yes, if you write How to see sent follow request on Instagram, explain according to this in your post. It increases your user engagement, and you get more followers instead of losing.

So, by following these solutions, you easily avoid losing followers on Instagram. And your followers start increasing. The organic way of fixing this problem is it, I tell you. Let’s see the other ways to improve and check Why I Am losing Instagram Followers.

Quick Way For Fixing Lost Followers On Instagram

Quick way for fixing lost followers on Instagram

In this way, you need third-party tools like TopFollow App. With the help of TopFollow, you can avoid decreasing followers on Instagram. Let’s explain how it helps us.

  • Suppose you have 1k Instagram followers now in your profile. And it’s started decreasing. But you don’t need to worry about it.
  • Install TopFollow App, Learn How to use TopFollow App, and increase your followers up to 10k.
  • So, when Instagram logarithm, your followers will again start increasing. It’s stop decreasing your followers. 
  • You also use TopFollow For PC and TopFollow For iOS. 

So, that is the quickest way to stop losing followers for Instagram. And some people worry about using this way due to using third-party App. But this App is 100 percent secure, and I also used this. 

After using this App, your profile will not banned. And your followers will stay the same because it works, so you should get only organic followers. You also use the TopFollow Promo Codes by getting free coins without doing any task. 

The Other Reasons And Solution Of Why I am losing Instagram Followers

Other Reasons For Losing Instagram Followers


You lost followers because maybe you need to use relevant hashtags. Yes, your followers will stay the same if you use proper hashtags according to your post or niche. Because of useless hashtags, your post does not reach your organic followers. When your followers need to receive your post properly, they unfollow you. 


Suppose you increase your followers through poor third-party Apps. Your followers will start dropping, and you will start losing your followers. Therefore, you should use the TopFollow App, which provides genuine followers. You also need to know How to check Fake Instagram Followers after getting it through any third-party app.  

Not Regular Posting

You may hear in many places that consistency is the key to success. So, the same scenario occurs while you are posting on Instagram. You need to post regularly according to the Best times on Instagram

If you are not publishing posts regularly, your followers don’t get more content they want from you and then unfollow you. And you are losing your followers on Instagram. It’s better to post one daily on Instagram. If you have consistency on Instagram, you get unlimited followers. 

Remember, Don’t post on your profile. Instagram has its limits of all things. So, it is better to see Instagram limits first and then start posting on Instagram. Overposting is another reason for lost followers on Instagram. So, better to avoid it. I hope, now you understand the reason and solution of “Why I am losing Instagram Followers”


The reason for losing followers on Instagram is simple. If you lose your followers, the content you post is not good, and you don’t post it on good times, or your followers are fake, which you lose. So, the solution is simple: post high-quality content and don’t buy fake followers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main reason for this is inconsistency and poor-quality content.

The two points are the main for avoiding it. The first is to post high-quality content, and the second is to be consistent on Instagram.

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