How To Increase Instagram Followers

Do you have a new Instagram account, and you need to know how to increase Instagram followers? I understand how it’s observed when you are on Instagram, but you don’t have too many Instagram followers. Every Instagram user wants a lot of followers on their profile. 

In short, you can increase your Instagram followers by posting good quality content, not gaining fake followers, doing fair SEO, and using the best Hashtags. Following all these things, you can easily increase your Instagram followers. First, you can easily remove Instagram followers through TopFollow.

But you need to know about all these things in detail. When you understand all these things, then you will be able to increase followers. So, let’s talk about all these things briefly. If you wish to grow your followers, you should know about all your follower’s activity and who unfollowed you or not.

Best Ways of How To Increase Instagram Followers 

If you follow the ways I give you below, you will get your answer on how to increase Instagram followers for your fame or business.

Best ways to increase your Instagram followers

Enhance Your Instagram Profile

Enhance Your Instagram Profile

The first thing you should do when making your profile is to be confident. Don’t overthink while making your profile. And your profile must be optimized for growing followers and ranking. 

Here are some points you should notice in profile optimization

  • Make the username perfect during profile creation. The question is, what type of username do we prefer? Your username should be easy to navigate and researchable. Better to use your original name.
  • The next thing to be noticed is to write a perfect Instagram bio. In your Instagram Bio, all letters must be capitalized for attention. It makes a positive impact on users. And if you are promoting your business, this is a more important point. So, write the bio easily and fully with attractive words. 
  • Your profile picture is another point for optimization. Your picture must be high quality and optimized. Use your original profile picture, which looks professional. 
  • You should add a link to your website or other resources when adding your Instagram bio.
  • Your description should be perfect. In the description, tell people about your business. In this way, you also know how to increase Instagram followers for your business. 
  • If you promote your business on Instagram, you must add a button in your profile for people. Put the link to your WhatsApp or your website on this button. It helps people to connect with you easily. 
  • The last thing in Instagram profile optimization is to use optimized and best hashtags. Hashtags must be related to your business or your work. By putting researched hashtags in your posts helps you to learn how increase Instagram followers.

Enhance Your Instagram Profile

In one book, I read that “consistency” is the key to success. And that quote is very true. If you are consistent and not performing well, you will soon achieve a milestone. 

Because when you post consistently on your profile, you will get followers quickly. And those followers will be organic and follow you from your post.

Make one time for Instagram posting consistently. 

You should make a quality reel or video and post it on Instagram on your profile. According to your business, video is more beneficial for you to get income and followers. If you are consistent on Instagram, you will get followers. 

Write Best Captions For Your Post

Write Best Captions For Your Post

Most Instagram users don’t know how to make a good and attractive caption for our post. And believe me, it’s very easy to make a good caption. You don’t need to use any AI tool for making this. Just make a simple caption according to your post. The simple thing is more attractive than others. 

Things you should notice while making captions. 

  • Try to make the caption understandable. I mean, if your post such like which covers in short captions, then don’t make a long caption for it. Make long captions when it’s needed.
  • Don’t put extra emojis if it’s not a requirement of your caption. Just put one or two for attraction.
  • If your caption is long, make the first 100 plus characters very attractive, which describes the completion of your post.
  • You also need to make captions according to the SEO point of view. When you look at SEO in the caption, put some of your main business keywords. That’s rank your post more, and your chances to get followers will be higher.
  • Start your caption as you and other Instagram users talk together. It engages a user more, and you will benefit from this.

Relevant Hashtags

Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are a ranking factor in Instagram and all other social media platforms for increasing your followers. And the relevancy of hashtags matters. For example, if you have run a travel agency in the US, you can put hashtag travel agency in your post. 

The main reason for putting a hashtag is that your post ranks with multiple keywords. One keyword is in which your post and others are all hashtags. Actually, In hashtags, you are using your main keywords.

If you maintain your business profile for Instagram, you can also make your business name a hashtag. It would help if you did a lot of research to put hashtags in your post. Here are some main points you should do while putting hashtags. Hashtags work on ranking posts, but it does not mean you can start spamming your post by using unlimited hashtags. Must follow the limit of hashtags on Instagram. 

  • Your hashtags should be relevant to your business. 
  • Use SEO tools or Google keyword planner for hashtags and more keyword research for your post similar to your business.
  • If your competitor is strong, learn from this.
  • Find such hashtags which are unique and short.

Use Quality Content To Grow Followers

Use Quality Content To Grow Followers

I always prefer quality over quantity. And there are many reasons for using quality content. Not me. There are a lot of successful Instagram users who believe in quality because it engages your users. 

Now, what should be included in the content? Everything you should post on Instagram is your content. Images, Audio, Videos, and Reels all are included in the content. How do we make content better and quality? Let’s discuss.

  • If you are making reels on Instagram, your reels must be of good quality and relevant to your business. Save your real on HD plus quality and then upload it. You completely show your business in a short time.
  • If you are posting images, your image should be informative for users. The caption you put above must be described on your image. We also called this Infographics. 
  • When you are posting hashtags, put this after a good research. 
  • Make quality captions, such as captions which inspire your users to contact or follow you. 
  • Make a high-quality Instagram story and upload it. 

So, if you notice all these things and follow this, upload quality content daily. You see how your account grows, and within a few days, your followers increase. 

Highlight Your Instagram Story

Highlight Your Instagram Story

Highlighting your story does not mean you can highlight every story you upload on your profile. It means highlighting the story that is beneficial for your users and attracts them. You should highlight the story which you want more people to see. 

Now, why did I highlight my story? The simple answer is that you want your story reaches to more people. But Instagram removed your story after 24 hours on your profile. When I highlight that story, It will be shown in your profile, and you can highlight it as long as you want. 

  • If you want to grow your followers for business on Instagram, start giving some bonuses to your audience. 
  • Try to include some attractive stickers or other unique thing. 
  • Do such a unique thing which viral your story. 

Pin Your Best Comments

Pin Your Best Comments

Pinching your comments is another trick for growing followers. It not only helps you when you see other people’s comments on your post, but the user who comments on your post also gets engagement. And when you select one of the best comments and pin this, your followers get more engagement. So, It is beneficial for you and also for your followers.

Use TopFollow App To Increasing Your Followers

Increase Instagram Followers Through TopFollow App

At the start, stop you from using third-party Apps. But I tell you, do not use apps that give you fake followers. But Topfollow provides you with organic Instagram followers.

You can do work, follow other people on this App, and get followers. This method is simple for users who don’t want to follow the above steps. Listen! Your motive is to get Instagram followers, which is organic, right? 

So, if you get unlimited followers, likes and comments by doing some little work. So, why are we ignoring this? When our profile is new, I take help from this App. And when I grow some followers through this App, we leave this.  That is the way to how to increase Instagram followers for free.


Please understand all the ways to increase your Instagram followers above. Increasing Instagram followers is all about creating high-quality content, putting relevant and proper hashtags, and using the best caption, which is also included in the content. Just follow these things and see how your profile goes.

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The main thing to notice is quality content. 

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