TopFollow Login Problems And Solution

Are you facing some TopFollow login problems? Are your account be logout when you earn some coin? Don’t panic, It’s common to facing problem in such type of Apps. There are different reasons of facing these problems

I gives you the solution of your problems in details. Let me tell you the most common problems. 

After a research we come to this conclusion that peoples facing problem during login, collecting coins and when they earn 100+ coins. Before going to solution of these problems, let me tell you one more thing.

Why Are You Facing These TopFollow login Problems?

The main and common reason we found that you are facing these problems because you have using old versions of this App. So, always use the Latest version of TopFollow App. 

If you’re using latest versions and facing Topfollow login problems then may be you’re android version have old. If your all things are okay and still you have facing the TopFollow App login problems, look the solution below. 

Reasons Of Facing TopFollow Login Problems

All Soloutions Of TopFollow Login Problems

Solution 1

Step 1: Open your mobile settings.  

Step 2: Search Mobile Apps.

Step 3: After this, find TopFollow in Apps. 

Find TopFollow App

Step 4: Then click on TopFollow Apps.

Step 5: When you click on Apps, Look at below. You will see two options. Clear cache and Clear data. 

Step 6: You need to clear both cache and data. 

Clear cache and data of TopFollow App

Step 7: And then open your app again. Hurrah! Your apps start working fine. 

Step 8: If still your app does not start working follow solution 2. 

Solution 2

If you have done and follow the solution one but your problem is not solved then look at your date and time. Most Apps cause errors because your date and time is incorrect. 

How can you set your date and time? Simply go to setting and then search date and time. Click on date and time and on your mobile data or Wifi. Then 3-4 options will appear on your screen. 

Just click on the time zone automatically and enable this option. Your time is automatically set. Before doing this, look at your time zone and see if is it according to your country? If the timezone is showing another counter choose your country first and then enable the option. 

Set time zone automatically

After setting time and date, open your app again and check is it working fine. Hope after this solution, your app will be start working fine. If still it’s not working follow the next solution.  

Solution 3

When you login in TopFollow App, start earning coins. When you earn near 200 coins the app will stuck it has been logout. The solution of this problem is below. 

Step 1: Open your app, Click on tools which is shown in right middle on your screen. 

Step 2: Then, Go to your tasks.

Click on tasks

Step 3: Just change the tasks number from 15, 16.

Step 4: Then look under side of the screen. Write the max followers and likes numbers and than click on save button.

Step 5: Reopen TopFollow App, your problem will be solved. 

Solution 4

If all above solutions are not working in your favour than you need to go this last solution. If you have clear the cache and data, set the time and change the tasks number but nothing is working, then maybe it’s causes server issues. For solving this issue, Install the VPN first. 

Step 1: Go to your Playstore, and search Super Vpn.

Install Super VPN

Step 2: Click on Install.

Step 3: After Installing the Super Vpn, choose the country USA or Canada. Because the speed of the servers are too fast in that places. Because most servers operating in these two places. 

Choose US or Canada

Step 4: After selecting the USA, click on connect.


Step 5: Now, Super Vpn are connected to your device.

Listen! If you can do all solutions and your app is still not stop to making problems again and again. Check your app version it’s updated or not. Also check your android version. Your android version is latest or not. Because the updated version of TopFollow Apk needs the latest version of mobile.


Let me summarize all the solutions to the TopFollow login problems I provided you. The reason for facing it is that you are using an old version of this app or your mobile device has an old Android version.

So, first, update these versions and then try 90% of people’s login problems to solve after it. However, if you are still facing an error while logging in to TopFollow, clear your app data and check your time and data to see if they are correct. After applying this solution, your problem will be solved.

Frequently Asked Questions

The common reason is may be you have used Old versions of TopFollow App. If you don’t use Old versions and still It causing errors during login follow the steps that I have mentioned above. 

The best solution is to clear cache and data of your app. If it’s not work follow other solutions. 

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