TopFollow APK Vs Real Followers APK

Do you need clarification about choosing the best app between TopFollow APK vs Real Followers APK? Today, we discuss which app is best for usage. If you don’t want to see the details and want a direct app name, then TopFollow APK is better than Real Followers APK. How? Let’s discuss this below in detail. 

As you know, both these apps TopFollow APK vs Real Followers APK provide you with Instagram followers, likes, and comments. But some users want to know the difference between these two apps. Why TopFollow APK is better than real followers app, let’s explore!

TopFollow APK

  • V 5.2.2
  • 7M + Downloads
  • 15 MB Size
  • 4.9* rating
  • 4.9* rating
  • Free Download
  • Updated Today

Real Followers APK

  • V1.2
  • 1M + Downloads
  • 55 MB Size
  • 4.5* Rating
  • Free Download
  • Android version 5 supported

Some Important Points While Choosing The App

Both apps provide followers, but we choose the best apps in TopFollow APK vs Real Followers APK according to notice some main points. 

The first and foremost point is the UI/UX of the app. User experience and interface is the main thing of any website, app, or design. Because when a user comes to your app, he will first see your app interface. He wants to know whether your app is valuable or good for working. So, you must work on an app with a simple interface and design. 

The second point is which app rating is best. Why do we see ratings? The reason is that the app has more ratings means users are satisfied with this app and working on this. 

The third point is which apps contain more downloads. Because if one app has more downloads than the other, it means the users like that app. 

The fourth point is the size of the app. You know today is a modern era. So, people like those apps that have low speed and work perfectly. Users don’t like big-size apps. 

And the last point is the app that you chose is an updated version or not. If you do not use the updated versions, It may cause some bugs while using, so it’s better to avoid the app containing the old versions

According to these points, we choose the best app between TopFollow APK vs Real Followers APK.

TopFollow APK Vs Real Followers APK Which is Best?

First we discuss the feature and details of TopFollow APK. 

TopFollow APK Vs Real Followers APK

TopFollow APK

This app is top-rated due to its services and quality. You can get unlimited followers within a short period by using this app. Let’s explore and judge this app through the main points I tell you above. 

TopFollow App has 7M plus downloads. 7M downloads is a large number. You have to provide quality services by gaining these downloads. It means users like this app very much. 

The rating of this app is good enough. This app has a 4.9 rating, which means the user who downloads this app has ultimately satisfied with this app. 

The size of this app is only 15 small MB. There is another good sign of this app because it doesn’t take up too much space on your mobile. 

The Ui/UX of this app is also good because I used this app. The user interface of this app is straightforward and clean. Even someone who knows nothing about apps can use this easily. 

TopFollow Apk Details

You know, there is a world in which if you want to be famous or become popular, you need followers to follow you, and you promote your business and become famous. So, increasing followers quickly is not a piece of cake. Therefore, we make a review of these apps for you, which helps in the selection of these apps and which apps are valuable. 

Many apps come into the market and provide followers to their users. When a user work on that app, he gets followers, but sometimes, their followers will be dropped because the followers he gets are robotic and fake. 

But, Topfollow APK provides you with real followers who can not be dropped. Let me explain to you.

How TopFollow APK Works?

How TopFollow APP Works

It works when you create an account on this app. After creating an account, you need to log in to your Instagram account in this app without worry. Because I also connected my install account to this app and got followers. And I face no verification issue with my Instagram Id. So this app is secure. 

When your Insta account is connected to TopFollow, you must go to the task or coins section. After that, your work starts. You can click on people’s profiles and follow, like, or comment on them. 

When you do this, you get coins. Then with the coins, you order followers according to your coins amount, then TopFollow recommend your profile to other peoples to get coins, and you get instant followers within a short time. I hope now you understand how this app works and how it gives you real followers. 

After doing this, one other question that comes to my mind is that the only way to get coins is to follow other people.

Then, I explored this app and saw there are a lot of ways in this app for making coins. You can get coins by inviting your friends and making referrals. You can also make coins through the free promo code I provided. 

Promo codes are the other best way to earn coins in this app if you have the right and updated codes. And I provide all the updated code in separate articles and tell you all the details on how to put and enter this. 

So, above all are the essential details of TopFollow APK. Now we explore real followers APK, and then we choose which is best. 

Real Followers APK

I also use this App, but my experience with this App could be better. Therefore I recommend you TopFollow APK instead of this. But, we also discuss the stats of this App, and after that, you understand why the TopFollow APK is better than this. 

The name of this App is real, but it does not provide real followers because I tested it. I do some tasks on this App, and after that, when I get followers to exchange coins, it increases. But, after a few days, it starts dropping one by one. 

I have told you my experience with this App above. Let’s explore this App through its main stats. 

Real followers

Real Followers APK has 1M downloads, significantly less than TopFollow APP. It shows users are not too much interested in this App. But still, 1M download is also good. 

The user of this App uses their old version because the developer of this App still needs to update their versions. And the old version of this App causes bugs in the latest version of mobiles. So, if you have an old mobile, you have to use this App easily, but if you use the latest Android version, then this App is not for you. 

The rating of real followers is 4.5. It means out of their 1M users, 5% don’t like this App. That’s not a good sign because a good application satisfies all users and improves their App according to their user’s needs.

If we compare the rating of TopFollow APK Vs real followers APK, this is a big difference between the rating of both apps. Out of 7M users, only 1 percent have yet to be satisfied through TopFollow App, according to their 4.9 ratings. So, it shows TopFollow app is making every effort to satisfy its users.

How Real Followers APK Work?

How real followers app works

Real Followers Apk is a different Ui/UX than TopFollow APP. You can also get Instagram followers through coins. But the coins-getting system of this App is different. You should do some tasks in this App to get coins. So, you can only get a few coins through this App. 


Above, we discussed, Topfollow vs Real followers APK details, features, and main points and decided the TopFollow App is best than the real follower app. I have given you all why Topfollow is better than actual followers. So, you will completely understand that TopFollow is a very beneficial app for Instagram lovers. If you want to know about any other app, leave us a comment. Hope your doubt will be clear about TopFollow APK vs Real Followers APK.

TopFollow have more rating than than the Real Followers App. 

No, Real followers app have different task than TopFollow. 

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