How To Check Fake Followers On Instagram For Free

Every Instagram user wants to know how to check fake followers on Instagram. I know how it’s realised when Instagram banned someone’s account due to fake followers. So, we have three ways to judge whether our Instagram followers are fake or real. 

I will tell you all the ways of checking fake followers on Instagram; in bonus, I will tell you how to increase free organic followers on Instagram. We check counterfeit followers on Instagram through Modash, Instagram Audit and Inbeat App. 

Free Fake Followers Check Through Inbeat

Inbeat is one of the best fake followers detectors and account audit tools. Inbeat does not only check counterfeit followers, but it also checks engagement, CRM, generate mockup and many more things. But, I check fake followers only with the help of this. Let’s see how to use the Inbeat tool step by step. 

How To Use Inbeat Tool?

Step 1: Open your Google Chrome and search Inbeat. Then inbeat. Co shows on the first number. Open its website. 

Open inbeat website

Step 2: Then, scroll down and find Instagram fake followers checker. In the footer, you will easily find it. Click on it. 

Click on Instagram fake followers checker in footer

Step 3: The tool is open when you click on check fake followers on Instagram. Type your Instagram username in the blank box. And click on check followers. 

Step 4: Wait until the analysis is complete. Within a few seconds, Inbeat will show you a result of your followers. Now, the stats are in front of you. According to the percentage of your followers, you will easily judge who unfollowed you on Instagram from fake IDs. After that, remove fake accounts from your following list.

Analyze your profile through inbeat

Check Fake Followers On Instagram Through Modash

Modash is another tool for checking fake Instagram followers. It’s not only about analysing your fake followers. It audits your account and provides details of fake followers, Your engagement rate and the parties of people who followed you. 

How To Use Modash For Checking Free Fake Instagram Followers

The way of using Modash is similar to the Inbeat app. But the tool, its user interface and layout are different.

Step 1: Open Chrome and search Modash. It is shown in number 1. Open Modash’s official website, located at number one on SERP. 

Open Modash Website

Step 2: Scroll Down and go to the bottom of the Modash website. You will see fake followers check in the Footer menu. Tap on it. 

Click on fake fallowers check in modash

Step 3: Enter your username as you enter in Inbeat and then tap on check followers. 

Type your username in Modash

Step 4: After this, your account completes the analysis before you. You will see your fake followers, average likes and all other main things. By following this analysis, remove your fake followers. 

Analyze your competitor in modash

So, by following my guide, you will quickly analyse your complete profile through the Modash website. 

Hyper Auditor Free Followers Checker

Hyper Auditor is the third and last Instagram audit tool that provides you with your account details. It helps you to check all insights of your Instagram followers and analyse your follower’s engagement. Let’s explore the Hyper Auditor Tool. 

How To Use a Hyper Auditor Tool?

Step 1: Search Hyper Auditor in Google and open it. Then click on Start Free and sign up for your Instagram account. After that, you have to see the option Instagram audit and fake followers checker tap on it. 

Open hyper auditor website

Step 2: Enter your username as similar to all tools. 

Click on Instagram audit and fake followers checker

Step 3: When you enter the username and submit it. The result of your profile is in the form of a score or percentage in front of you. So, unfollow your fake followers according to the tools report. 

Now, we discuss all the tools and their method of using it. Before using it, you need to know all the pros and cons of these Apps. After learning this, you will understand and use these tools better. Let’s discuss it!

Pros And Cons Fake Followers Checker


  • Accurate Analysis
  • Best User Interface And Experience
  • Valuable Search Facility
  • Complete Instagram Account Audit


  • Possible of False Analysis of some tools
  • High Price Paid Versions
  • Limited account analysis in free versions
  • Low additional features in free version

Why We Need To Check Fake Followers On Instagram?

It’s essential to check your fake Instagram followers. And after checking, it’s more important to remove it from your following list. Suppose you don’t remove fake followers from your account. Your account ban chances will be 90 percent. Instagram bans your account due to fake followers. 

Even if Instagram doesn’t create your account, you must remove fake followers from your profile. Because due to fake followers, your post does not reach all Instagram users. Your profile will rank slowly. So, to avoid all these things, we checked our Instagram followers and removed them. 


For checking fake followers on Instagram you need to use Inbeat, Modash, and Hyper Auditor application. But before using it, first explore the pros and cons of all these applications. After exploring it you will decide better which application is best. However, from my side I suggest you to go with inbeat tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best App is Inbeat for auditing your profile and checking your followers’ insights and engagement. 

No, as I mentioned in the cons of their tools. It only provides some of the additional features in the free version. But, the data you get in the free version is enough to check fake followers on Instagram. 

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