TopFollow APK vs Insta Followers Pro 

Today, I have discussed about two most demanded Apps by Instagram users. The App is TopFollow APK vs Insta Followers PRO. Actually, we talk about these Apps in one blog because I also want to tell you the comparison of these two apps.

When we discussed both apps in one place, we also did comparisons of both Apps in detail and found the best app. In short, the TopFollow App is 10 times better than the Insta followers app. When we discuss all their features, dos and don’ts, then you will understand why I prefer TopFollow APK. 

TopFollow APK

  • V 5.2.2
  • 7M + Downloads
  • 15 MB Size
  • 4.9* rating
  • 4.9* rating
  • Free Download
  • Updated Today

Insta Followers PRO

  • V3.2
  • 100k + Downloads
  • 7 MB Size
  • 3.2* Rating
  • Free Download
  • Android version 5 supported

A lot of users understand after watching this comparison table that is why I said your TopFollow APK is 10x Better. Now, we judge both TopFollow APK vs Insta Followers PRO in detail below. 

Which App Is Better To Increase Followers TopFollow APK VS Insta Followers Pro?

The answer I already told you in the first paragraph is that TopFollow is better than Insta Followers Pro. There are many reasons to choose the TopFollow App. Before understanding this you need to see the table that I provide you after the first paragraph. 

When I choose one App in two after research, I look main things and features in both Apps. Let’s see all the features and other details of TopFollow APK vs Insta Followers PRO.

TopFollow APK vs Insta Followers Pro 

TopFollow APK

You already know that Both apps provide Instagram followers, Likes, and comments which help you to boost your profile and increase your followers. In a comparison of these two Apps, we notice the main points. 

The first thing is to notice TopFollow App how many people download TopFollow App? So, the TopFollow ApK has one million plus downloads. The one million downloads is not a piece of APK in such a short time. 

The reason for their success is their quality. During selecting the best App first you should focus on your requirements, What do you need from the app that you choosing? So, when I chose TopFollow APK, I first saw my requirements. 

When I focus on my needs, I find that I need Instagram followers and want to rank my Instagram profile to become popular or promote my business. Then, I saw is TopFollow APK provides us with organic Instagram followers through organic profiles.

I find the answer yes, TopFollow APK gives us Instagram followers which is organic. I tested this App one week ago and found that all features of this App are working 100 percent fine. And the User interface and experience of this App are also outclassed. 

The next thing I prefer is how many people would satisfied with TopFollow APK. And I see the ratings and reviews to confirm this. The rating of this App is 4.9. It means 99 percent of people out of one million satisfied with this app. 

At the end of my testing, I saw the size of Topfollow. The size of this App is only 15 MB which is a very valuable size according to the features of this application. And version of this App is also the latest, which shows the developer of this app working properly on the App to improve more and more according to the new Instagram policies. TopFollow App also available for PC and iOS.

Insta Follower PRO

When we use the Inta Followers Pro App. I tested all the things the same as the TopFollow App. But when I found the result, I was very disappointed. The result is diverted according to my needs. 

Yes, I said you right. I know, there are many users who use this App but I don’t understand how they can use it. Because the followers provided by Insta Followers Pro are not as organic as TopFollow App. 

The followers that you get after ordering, the profiles that start following you have zero followers. That is against Instagram policies. When you get a lot of followers through zero profiles Instagram considers it as a fake and your profile derank instead of ranking. 

I made a new profile and after 100 followers, I have used the Insta Followers Pro app. When I order followers, after a few times I start getting followers but within a few days my profile will be banned due to a low-value profile starting following me. That’s why I am really dissatisfied with the followers given by the Insta followers Pro App. 

And when after using this app my profile is banned, then how can I recommend this App? Therefore, I recommend you start that this App is not good and not working for me. So, better to go with TopFollow Apk. 

I was more disappointed when I saw the downloads and the ratings of this App. This App has only 100k plus users and still the rating of this app is only 3.2. Why? The answer is normal UI / UX and bad followers experience. 

Finally, you have the comparison of TopFollow APK vs. Insta followers PRO according to stats and my experience. Now, you will be able to choose the best App between TopFollow APK vs Insta Followers PRO.

My recommendation is to choose TopFollow APK because it’s reliable for you to get followers. I know it’s a third-party app, but in this app, you have not faced any security issues. And you will see when you do work in this App, you start getting followers from that profile which you can’t imagine. The profiles that have thousands of followers started following you through the help of the TopFollow App. 

So, I don’t recommend any app that wastes your time and doesn’t provide you with organic features. Even we tested both Apps and then provided the best. So, download the TopFollow APK and start increasing your followers. 


The main motive for providing you with this blog is that you are aware of the difference between the two applications. Both applications are the most demanding in the world. But TopFollow has the best followers, likes, and giving apps. The reason and detailed review I tell you in this blog above. So, explore it and decide which is best for you. From my side, TopFollow is always best according to reviews, UI and UX, and many other things.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the followers which is provided by followers pro App is not organic and start dropping quickly. 

TopFollow APK followers have 100x more followers than Insta followers pro. 

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