How To Fix No Comments On Instagram

I know you are worried about getting or seeing no comments on Instagram. I also feel that way because I passed it. Here, I tell you how I can fix this situation in which I get no comments and no likes on Instagram. First, let me tell you why you are facing this problem.

Fix It Through TopFollow App

Suppose you are not seeing and getting comments on your Instagram post organically. Then, TopFollow App is always available for your help. Below are the features of this application.

Reasons Of No Comments On Instagram

Reasons Of No Comments On Instagram

As you know, it’s a serious problem to get zero comments on your Instagram post, or you don’t see it on any other user post. Everyone wants the solution to it, and you also want it. But, you find many solutions but here I provide you every possible reason and solution according to my research and live case study. Let’s explore.

Your Instagram Post Comments Off By Mistake

Actually, Instagram provides us with a feature in which I turn off and on commenting on other users and our posts. Now, in many cases most users can make this mistake by turning off commenting on Instagram posts. 

Now, you need to check if you turn off this by mistake. It’s one of the main reasons for seeing zero comments on Instagram. Because, when you enable this feature of Instagram, It follows your wish and removes or hides comments on your and other Instagram posts.

No Body Comments On Your Post

Suppose you post on Instagram, and you receive zero comments. That’s the issue in your post. It’s a lack of engagement. Do you get confused after reading this? Don’t worry, let’s explain this.

When you are not posting the best times on Instagram, your content quality is not so good in your post, and your content is not according to your users, then understand that you are receiving zero likes and comments on Instagram because of your low-quality post.

Instagram App Problem

Sometimes, Instagram causes a glitch, and that’s why you see no comments on Instagram. But, it’s the reason very few times a year or a month. As we know, Instagram is not a short platform, and it has billions of downloads so far. 

So, this app causes glitches at very rare times. Mostly, the glitch is caused by your low Internet speed and some things like this. So, you need to refresh the page and try again. It will be solved immediately.

How To Fix No Comments On Instagram

Below, you will find all possible solutions for fixing it.

Turn on comments Of Instagram Post And Reels

Step1: Open Instagram and find that post in which you see no comments. 

Step 2: Look at the top right corner of that Instagram post. 

Step 3: Turn on the comments.

Provide you unlimited Instagram Followers

After Installing and using this application, you get unlimited followers on Instagram. It’s to increase your user engagement and also rank and boost your profile within a few days.

Provide Organic Comments On Your Instagram Post

Yes, you listen. TopFollow provides you with real and unlimited Instagram comments. I know it’s a third-party app, but I used it. It provides you with comments from real Instagram users. 

Actually, all credit goes to the developers of this application. They made this application in such a way that you comment on other Instagram posts. And other users comment on your post. 

If you don’t comment on other users’ Instagram posts, you don’t get coins. And without coins, you don’t order coins. That’s how this app works. But, still if you are too busy and you don’t comment one by one to other Instagram posts. 

They use TopFollow Promo Codes, which I provided you in a separate blog. It’s very beneficial for you. With it, you get unlimited coins for free without subscribing or commenting on other users’ posts. It saves time and effort. 

Now you understand how TopFollow helps you to get unlimited comments on Instagram. And helps your profile rank on every single post by it. 

Logout Your Instagram Account

The other best solution for fixing no comments on Instagram is to log out of your Instagram account from the App. Now, clear all data of your Insta app, then log in again. Please see all the comments on Instagram. Mostly, it’s effective when you find a glitch or slow Internet connection from your side on Instagram.

Make High Quality Posts And Content

It’s for those people who don’t want to use any third-party app and want to do organic work on Instagram. First, you need to see how to increase Instagram followers and then you need to make users engage content which helps your user in any way. 

The simple way is to make content relevant to your niche or your Instagram profile. And make it like you and the user talk to each other. If you follow my guide, you will definitely get comments, followers, and likes on Instagram.


Above, you have the complete way of fixing no comments on Instagram. You can easily fix it through the TopFollow App or turn on commenting on your post. You also get the organic way above to grow your Instagram profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to fix it is to turn on comments and use TopFollow or make the best quality posts. 

You need to click on three dots on selected posts in the top right corner above. And then turn it on.

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