Why Am I Getting No Likes On Instagram

I know you are worried about no likes on Instagram on your latest or previous posts. Don’t worry. Let me tell you the reason and solution of why you’re not getting likes on Instagram. 

Here are the following reasons for getting no likes on Instagram

  • Account in Sandbox
  • Low Value and Quality Posts
  • In consistence Posting
  • Changes In the Instagram Algorithm
  • Ineffective use of Hashtags and Poor Captions

So, these are the main reasons why your post has not reached more people and not getting likes. Let’s see how to fix it.

Getting No Likes On Instagram? Check Your Account In Sandbox

Actually, if Instagram shadowbanned your account or it is in the Sandbox, you won’t receive any followers, likes, or comments on your profile. So, most of you don’t know what a sandbox is. Why did Instagram put our account into it? What’s the solution to it? Let’s explore!

Instagram account in sandboc

Sandbox account means your account and Instagram posts do not show to any people. Even when you search your profile name on another mobile phone, it’s not showing. 

Now, let me tell you the story of one of my Instagram accounts, which Instagram puts in the Sandbox, and how I can recover it. So, when I made my new account on Instagram, I started using third-party Apps and getting followers through them. 

At the start, It’s helpful to reach out my posts to so many people. But, when I began getting too many followers. Instagram detects me and puts my account into the Sandbox. After a few days, my account progress was down, and I received no likes on Instagram. 

So, the main reason for no likes on Instagram is not using third-party Apps. The reason I found no likes on my account in the Sandbox is to order too many followers and likes through the App. 

Then, I see the Instagram limits first for new accounts, stop using the App, and work consistently for some time. And request to Instagram that “Kindly remove my Instagram account in Sandbox. It doesn’t show to any people. I don’t do anything which is against your policy. If I do, I’ll take care of it next time”

So, after sending this request to Instagram, it removed my account from the Sandbox, and it started showing to all Instagram users. Then, I started working again on third-party App names such as TopFollow. I use only this App for getting followers because it provides us with organic Insta followers. 

But, now I work on this App according to the guide for buying followers and likes on Instagram. I also follow the limits of Instagram because it’s more important to keep your account safe from any hit. So, following all this way, I recovered my Instagram account, and it’s started ranking and getting likes again. 

Low Value And Quality Posts

I tell you this in my every guide: always use high-quality and relevant posts according to your topic. It is the second reason for getting no likes on Instagram: you have used low-value content on your post and not using quality images on your post. 

Low value and low quality posts on Instagram

The only solution is to use the best times for posting on Instagram and quality images on your post. I make my images for my Instagram through Canva or Adobe Illustrator. 

But I suggest you make it through Canva. Because most of you don’t know how to use Illustrator. And Canva is easy to use. That’s why I mostly use and suggest it. Make infographics through it and publish them on your profile. Hope, after using high-quality images and taking care of other things, you start getting likes on Instagram. 

Inconsistent Posting

Always remember that “Consistency is the key to success.” Let me tell you the power of consistent posting on Instagram. When I started my Instagram account, I was very worried about getting no likes on Instagram.

In-consistent posting on Instagram

Then, I researched why I was not getting any likes on Instagram. After doing research, I found so many issues with not getting reached on the profile. But then I noticed myself: what am I doing wrong? I see all my activities on my profile, like quality posts, images, captions, and hashtags. All are well.

After analyzing my account, I see that my profile has any issues. When I am doing all things well, the problem is with my consistency. Yes, I post just twice a week. 

Now, I start posting again with consistency. Just doing posts with consistency within a month, my Instagram account got ranked. My post started receiving thousands of likes. So, you need to follow the consistency on your profile and succeed. 

In Affective Use Of Hashtags 

In my previous posts on this website, I already told you to use popular hashtags and also guided you on how you can use proper hashtags. If you don’t know how to use it, see this post: Why Am I losing followers on Instagram?

Using Too Much Hashtags

So, When I tell you to use the most popular hashtags and follow those hashtags that are in your competitor posts, it does not mean you start spamming with hashtags in your post.

The usage of so many hashtags in a single post negatively affects our Instagram profile. I tried it so many times, but it’s not working for me. One time, it affected my profile, too, and I lost it because Instagram banned it. 

So, only use two to three high-quality and proper hashtags in your post. It is the only solution that prevents the effective use of hashtags. 

Poor And Irrelevant Caption

It is another reason for getting no likes on Instagram. Make your caption SEO rich. If you do all things good, your post quality and hashtags are fair. Then, the only reason for no likes on Instagram is your caption.

Ir-relevant captions on Instagram

Make sure your caption is relevant to your topic and must use the main keyword on it. Create it according to your user requirements. Make it like this If your followers read it. They must like your posts. 

Changes in Instagram Alogarithm 

As a proper Instagram user, you need to see the Instagram algorithm every month because Instagram makes changes to it. The change is that Instagram increases its security for third-party Apps. 

Changes in Instagram Alogorithm

But it now detects TopFollow if you use it according to the limits of Instagram. The other change in Alogarithm is to use proper hashtags and captions on your post. 


Do you explore the above guide in detail and why you are getting no likes on Instagram? If you study the above guides, congratulations, you can get likes on Instagram.

How? If you look at the above reasons and explore your own Instagram profile, and then if you find any of them in your profile that stop your likes on Instagram, you remove them. In this way, you fix and know why you get no likes on Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to check it is to check my account this way. The way is to pick another smartphone. Open the Instagram app and search your Instagram profile. If it shows, it means your account is okay. If your account does not show, understand it’s in sandbox. 

I also provide you with the main reasons above. In short, most people go against the limits and algorithms of Instagram. That’s why they don’t get likes on Instagram. 

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