How To Check Who unfollowed Me On Instagram? 

Are you worried about your Instagram profile? Are your followers starting to decrease automatically? Now, you want to see Who unfollowed me on Instagram? I give you all the answers to your questions in detail below. 

I know how it feels when we increase our Instagram followers with our hard work and quality posts, but unfortunately, it’s started decreasing. We will also discuss the reason why suddenly your Instagram followers start dropping. 

I have found the 2 ways to check Who unfollowed you on Instagram. I tested this method when My followers started decreasing continuously, and I was worried about this and thought, how can I know?

Then, I do research and find these methods. Then, I thought that If I were facing this problem, a lot more people would have faced this daily. So, that’s why I decided to post on this topic and provide you with the method and their reasons in detail. Follow Instagram Limits to avoid this. And also use organic methods to increase followers on Instagram. 

2 Ways To Check Who Unfollowed Me On Instagram

  • The first method to check who unfollowed you on Instagram is to Check manually.
  • The second method is to check through third-party Apps.

Let’s explore these two methods in detail.  If you want to increase your followers properly publish your post on best times.

Manually Through Instagram

When we manually check who unfollowed you on Instagram, we have 2 options. The first option is to check your following list, and second, check other people’s following list. 

First, Check Your Instagram Followers List. 

Open the Instagram App and look below. You have to see your profile pic and the bottom right corner. Click on this. 

Then, click on your followers. 

Search the username on which you suspect that he has unfollowed you. You will easily find that person’s name and get the answer, “Who unfollowed me on Instagram?” 

Check Other’s Users Followers

Let me tell you how I can find this way. One of my friends asked me to follow him. And in return, he followed me, and I can do this. But after a few days, my followers started falling, and I also doubted that he unfollowed me. Then, I found this method and checked who unfollowed you on Instagram. What can I do? Let’s explain!

First, you need to open your Instagram App. Then, look below the search icon shown. Tap on it.

In the search bar, I put my friend’s name. You also put the username you want to check that he unfollowed you. 

When I search for friends’ profiles, they are before me. I tap on my friend’s name. 

The friend’s profile is open now. Then, I go to the following list.

When I check my friend’s following list, my friends follow many people. But I search my name in the search bar. And my name needs to show in their following. Then, I understood Who unfollowed me on Instagram in my profile. 

These are the two ways I check who unfollowed me on Instagram. If these methods are not working, your friend may permanently block you. Then, try to find that through third-party apps. Check who unfollowed me on Instagram below through third-party apps. 

Through Third Party Apps

Before discussing this method, note that the priority is to check the manual in the ways mentioned above. Because checking through the third-party App is risky for your account, apply this method only If the manual ways are not working.

Follow Meter

The first third-party app name is Follow Meter. You can use this App on every device, e.g. iOS, Android, and PC. Follow the meter and explore your Instagram account. Remember, apply this method if you have more than 1000 Instagram followers because if your account is new, Instagram bans your account. 

Creating an account in the Follow meter asks you to log in through your Instagram account. So, you need to log in to that Instagram account in which you want to check Who unfollowed me on Instagram. 

After successfully logging in, you have to explore the dashboard of the following meter. Your followers and un-followers are all seen on their dashboards.

Tracker Pro

The second App name is Followers Tracker Pro. Followers Tracker Pro tracks your Instagram followers and tells you all the details of who unfollowed you on Instagram. This App is for iOS users only. You can see all the details of your Instagram account in this App.

This App works the same as GB WhatsApp. You can see all deleted comments, the people who unfollowed you on Instagram, deleted likes and many more features included in this App. And the special feature of this App is that it shows you updated data daily. 

Follow Cop

The third App is Follow Cop. Follow Cop shows you the people who have not followed you back. As I told you, If your friend asks you to follow him and he can not follow you back, then you should check this in the Follow Cop App. 

You can also see the people who have recently unfollowed you on Instagram. This App is only available for Android users. Logging in this App shows you all the data who unfollowed me on Instagram until you can not log out. 

Here, you can see 15 users who unfollowed you on Instagram. If you want to see more users, than you have to buy a subscription to the App.

Why your Instagram Followers Start Dropping?

The main reason is that you have used useless third-party Apps to increase followers and likes. You have to buy followers from a company that gives you followers from bots. So, if you want to use a third-party App, use TopFollow App. It is a secure one, and I use it personally. 


The best way to check who unfollowed you on Instagram is to scan through Instagram manually. However, to prevent time consumption, explore the second way through third-party Apps and fit within a few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main reason is to use third-party Apps for gaining followers.

The best method is to check manually. 

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