How To Check Profile Visitors On Instagram

Do you want to know who visits your profile on Instagram? Let me give you the best ways to check profile visitors on Instagram.

As you know, billions of users use Instagram. If someone wants to become famous, Instagram is the best way. After learning how to increase your Instagram followers, you easily become famous with a lot of followers for tracking every profile visitor on Instagram. It would help if you had a solid way to do it.

Make A Business Account To Check Profile Visitors On Instagram

Most of you know that a business account is also called a professional account. Instagram business accounts have a lot of features and access to all Instagram tools.

Let’s explore how to see profile visitors on Instagram with the help of an Instagram business account and how you can create it.

make a Business account

Step 1: Go to your Instagram application. Open your Instagram profile, then click on settings, go to settings and privacy. In simple open, go to your profile>settings>settings and privacy. 

Click On Your Instagram Profile Below

Step 2: After doing the above steps, you see two options at the bottom. Switch to a professional account and Add a new professional account. Click on the switch option. 

Click on Settings And Privacy

Step 3: When you click on the switch, the next 2 options are shown on your screen. Creator and Business. We are making a business account, so we are not creators, which is why we chose the business category. 

Step 4: Congratulations, you have successfully converted your simple account into a business account after completing the above steps. Now, let’s go to our main point. Go to Instagram insights tools, and there you can see all your profile visitors on Instagram. 

Set Story Highlights To See Profile Visitors

It’s another way to see your profile visitors. Highlighting your story on Instagram can boost your profile, and you can also see the people who can visit your profile. 

Actually, Instagram stories provide you with the visitor’s record of your previous stories. So, that’s why it’s the best way to check the visitors on your profile.

SET Instagram Story Highlights

How To Setup Instagram Story Highlights

Most people don’t know how to do this. That’s why I thought that I could give you a detailed guide on how to set it.

Step 1: Open Instagram and go to your profile. 

Step 2: See the (+) button under your profile picture. Click on it and the tap on story highlights.

Step 3: After clicking on story highlight, choose one story from your gallery. Then, select a cover image, add your story, and highlight it. 

In this way, you highlight your Instagram story and see the visitors on your profile. If you want to grow on Instagram, then you must see the best times to post on Instagram.

Check Instagram Profile Visitors Through X Profile Viewer

USE X Profile Viewer Apps

X profile viewer is a third-party application. You will be able to download this app on both Android and iOS devices. X profile viewer provides you with complete tracking of those users who visit your Instagram profile.

It’s not only checking profile visitors on Instagram. It tracks your user on every single parameter. It tracks who sees your stories, likes, and all other features. So, if you don’t follow the above ways, you must try it. You can also see the Private Instagram Viewer Apps here.

Why Do You Need To Check Profile Visitors On Instagram?

It’s important to keep updating your Instagram profile. It’s also good to see every aspect of your Instagram profile. Now, let’s talk about why you need to see visitors on your profile. It would help if you had it because most of your competitors are visiting your profile to decrease it. 

Yes, If you are running a business on Instagram. Your competitor must visit your profile to see what you are doing on it. So, to prevent it, you need to see the visitors. 

The other reason for doing it is that you want to see visitors because of keeping track of your profile. Analysing all the things on your profile or business helps you to grow better than before. That’s why it’s important to check profile visitors on Instagram. 

How To Grow On Instagram?

I tell you this in many blogs: Growing on Instagram needs hard work. However, if you don’t want to do hard work, use the TopFollow application. But, if you want to grow through organic ways. 

Then make high-quality content, post with consistency, use the best and relevant hashtags, and Optimise your Instagram profile. By following these things, you definitely grow on Instagram, but with patience.


I will tell you the top ways to check profile visitors on Instagram. I also tell you the one-third part about doing it. But it’s better to check visitors through story highlights and a business account instead of a third-party app. You also get the way above of how to grow on Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

I suggest you do it through Instagram story highlights.

We can grow it through the TopFollow app.

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