How To Get More Views On Instagram

You are a beginner and want to learn how to get more views on Instagram. There are many ways to get IG views fast on your profile. Let me tell you the both organic and fast way. 

In short, you consistently get IG views on Instagram through high-quality posting, hashtags, and sharing your profile on social Apps. It’s the organic way to get views on Instagram.

Now, If you learn how to get more views on Instagram without hard work, use the TopFollow Application. And many other third-party Apps like it. With the help of these, you get Instant views on Instagram. 

How To Get More Views On Instagram [ 6 Organic Ways ] 

There are many things to notice while getting views, such as Instagram Limits. But, here I tell you the most beneficial ways to learn how to get more views on Instagram. There are 6 best practices. If you follow them, you get big views fast. 

How to Get more views on instagram (6 ways)

Posting Regularly

I already told you in my many previous posts that follow consistency If you want to grow on Instagram. If you publish posts regularly on Instagram, you have success. Views are normal and common things. You got it. 

But with it, you also get followers and likes when you post regularly. According to the Instagram algorithm, we need to be active on our new profile daily. And when we post consistently, Instagram promotes us. 

Remember, just doing posts daily is not enough. You need to post the best times on Instagram. The benefit is that you get more views if you post in good times. 

Because when your followers are active on Instagram while you posting, your reach will increase. That’s why posting regularly on Instagram with the best times is important and the first best practice to learn how to get more views on Instagram.

High-Quality Posting

It is another strategy to get IG views. Note that If you are consistently posting, but its quality is poor. Then, remember you don’t get anything due to your post quality. That’s why I included this point in my strategies or best practices. 

Make your post simple and relevant to your services. If your post follows these points, understand that your quality is high because simple things with good understanding attract your followers or other Instagram users. 

Proper Hashtags

Most of you know about hashtags. But you don’t know how to adjust or use it according to your services. That’s why when you put hashtags in your post, it does not provide you benefits. The reason is simple: you are not using good and relevant hashtags. 

So, now the solution is to search for your service on Instagram. Open the posts of top profiles which is showing you. See their hashtags, pick them, and put them in your post. You see within a few times how you get so many views on Instagram. 

Social Share Your Profile

You know, if we are promoting something and struggling to get attraction in our new profile. The best way to advertise our brand, Instagram profile or other things is through social media. 

Suppose you make a new Instagram profile. Now, please share it with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platforms. Let me tell you another trick for social sharing of your Insta profile. 

Make it on different social Apps like Facebook, Pinterest, X (Twitter), Instagram and other similar Apps. Must make a profile on these social Apps which I mentioned. And note that make it through different emails. Not that email which you have that Instagram profile you want to share. 

After making a profile on social Apps, copy your Instagram profile link in which you want to get IG views. Then go to your other email and log in to the social profile which you made. 

Simply, post your Instagram id link on that social profile. That’s how you social share your profile. Remember, social sharing is another art and best practice to lean How to get more views on Instagram. I also provide you the guide for How to get 1000 likes on Instagram

Connection With Other Instagram Account

You know that you are not the only one who is using Instagram. 1B people use this platform. Now, to get more views on Instagram, connect with other accounts. How? It’s simple. 

Connection with another account does not mean you have connected to that account, which is not helpful. Connect with those Instagram accounts which are related to your services. 

Do search your services and find a big account relevant to it. Then, connect with those accounts to send your latest post links or profile. If one account likes your post and shares it in its profile, you get millions of views, and your profile is also promoted. That’s why making connections with other accounts is important. 

Do Giveaways 

Giveaways know the trick of YouTubers. But I also implemented it to boost my profile reach and views. Let me tell you my trick: how can I boast my views and get in lacs or millions by just doing giveaways? 

Suppose you are offering laptop buying and selling services. Or you don’t offer services, just your account, and you want views. Do giveaway for some cheap mobile to your followers only. 

Now, make the terms and conditions for giveaways to your followers. I make the following terms and conditions. 

  • Share my profile with up to 10 peoples
  • Comments on my post through different profiles. Maximum 10 comments
  • Likes my post up to 15

These are the main points I provide to my followers. And they all do it for giveaway greed or something else. Then, when I see my profile is growing, I start getting results. 

I am finalizing the giveaway date and giving one prize to my luckiest follower who completes the above terms and conditions. There are thousands of views on my Instagram profile by just giving away. So, that’s why I am providing you with this tip for learning how to get more views on Instagram.

How To Get IG Views Fast On Instagram Through TopFollow

How To Get  Free Instagram Views through TopFollow Application

Getting views from the TopFollow Application is the fastest way to grow on Instagram. But don’t all Instagram users like it? Some want to grow organic. That’s why I share my tricks and best practices first.

But, some Instagram users don’t have patience, so they tell us to give the quick way. So, for those users, TopFollow is the best option. It provides us with unlimited Instagram story views, post views, comments, likes and Instagram followers.

You need to work on it and see how you get traffic within a few days in your Instagram account. Before using it, you must also learn How To Use the TopFollow App

So, when using the TopFollow App, you must complete a task for following, liking or viewing other Instagram users. Instead of this, you got coins, and with the help of coins, you got views on your profile and post. So, I told you how you can work on it. 


I hope you explore all the ways which I provide you after doing a lot of research. Follow the first way that I tell you, and then you will definitely get amazing views on Instagram. Because, the first way is organic and suits the Instagram alogarithm. I hope you follow this way.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want quick results, use the TopFollow application. 

If you want Instant results, then TopFollow. Otherwise, go with the organic ways that I have shared. You have long-ter benefits.

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