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I know you want to visit someone’s Instagram profile without following or notifying him. Here, I provide the top Instagram profile picture viewer online, which helps you see pictures. If you are also interested to grow your followers quickly and organically in a legit way then use TopFollow APK.

The Instagram profile viewer online helps you in the following ways. 

  • It helps you to visit someone’s profile on Instagram secretly.
  • You can see profile pictures of every person through it.
  • You will be able to analyze fake or real Instagram profiles with the help of this app. How? You study it after seeing its profile picture. If its profile picture is real, then the profile is fair; otherwise, it’s fake.

Let’s explore these Instagram profile picture viewers.

InDown.Io Instagram Profile Picture Viewer

In Down is the first Instagram profile picture viewer app. It’s primarily known for viewing DPs or profile pictures on Instagram. So, if you want to view the profile picture of your friend or another person secretly, then open this website.

In Down


  • The first and foremost feature of InDown is its user interface and experience. These are most important when selecting an app or tool for you. Because, if it’s good, then the work you want to do in it is also good.
  • It uses a tool in which you can view the picture. You are also able to download it.
  • The last and my favorite feature of it is that you don’t need to log in to your Instagram account. You have also seen many apps before that tell you to connect your Instagram account with it. But InDown doesn’t ask you to do this. You can use it without connecting your account.


  • When using InDown, sometimes you need more ads during usage. I think it’s included in the cons of this application because the user is disturbed by ads while using it.
  • This website is connected with the Instagram API. If the Instagram API changes, InDown may not work for some time.


Insta Dp is another tool-based website that helps you see your profile picture on Instagram. Why did I provide you with this tool, which works the same as InDown? Listen. 

The difference is that you will have to download profile pictures of another person privately without following them in HD resolution. HD features are not available in the above app. That’s why I provided it to you. However, there are a lot more features that make it different from InDown.

Insta DP


  • Provide you with a high-quality, high-resolution Instagram profile picture.
  • Best UI and UX. It is an understandable tool; there is no need for technical things while using it.
  • One-click to get results. You need to put the username of that person’s profile, which you want to see in the profile picture. 
  • The website speed needs to be faster. Due to this feature, users enjoy the work on it.


  • Limited features.
  • Api changes issue.


It is the 3rd profile picture viewer tool for Instagram. This tool is not only for viewing someone’s Dp. It’s an entirely private Instagram viewer app that helps you analyze many things.

You can increase your user engagement in this. You can manage a lot of Instagram in Inflact. You can also use it to optimize your Instagram profile.


  • Manage multiple accounts.
  • Allows you to download the profile picture of a private Instagram account.
  • Optimize your Instagram profile.
  • Best UI/UX of an analytics dashboard. It’s easy to understand.


  • Single Version.

HD Profile Picture Viewer

It’s the 4th Instagram profile picture viewer app, allowing you to see pictures of HD quality in full size. When you open this tool, you must put your username in the search box. After that, you get the DP of a specific Instagram account.

HD Profile Picture Viewer


  • High-quality profile picture images.
  • Easy to use and best User experience.
  • Provide the profile picture quickly within seconds due to its fastest web speed, up to 90 in page speed insights.
  • Best privacy algorithm.


  • It’s only for Android. It does not have any iOS versions.
  • Limited feature of HD profile picture view only.

Zoomer for IG

Zoomer for IG is not a tool-based website. It’s an iOS-based application that helps you to zoom in on pictures and videos on Instagram without downloading it. 

Yes, it’s a premium feature of this application. You can see any photos on Instagram with their details after zooming in through a zoomer for IG.

Zoomer For IG


  • Zooming any photos on Instagram in HD quality.
  • If someone locks their profile picture. Still, you can zoom in with this app.
  • It allows us to use it in multiple Instagram accounts.
  • Allows you to download or save images or reels in your iOS.


  • You need to log in to connect with your Instagram account before you start working.
  • Available for iOS devices only.
  • Some bugs need to be fixed.

Use TopFollow App For Pro Features

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In this blog, it’s a bonus tool for you. You can get unlimited Instagram followers, likes, and comments according to Instagram limits. So, you need to explore my homepage for the TopFollow app and analyze its features with its usage guide.

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The 5 Instagram profile picture viewer apps I provided you above are according to your primary purpose: to see profile pictures on Instagram. But, now you think that is why I have provided you with many applications instead of 1. 

I provide five because all have different features, with one common feature of viewing the DP on Instagram. Some apps are for Android, and some for iOS. So that’s why you must explore all and choose the best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Suppose you need clarification about choosing the right app for you in the above. Then, Insta DP is the suggestion for you from my side. The reason for recommending it is that it contains many features, and you can use it on Android and iOS. 

Nope, it’s a tool-based website with the best UI and UX.

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