Why Do I Lose Followers On Instagram?

Are you worried about your Instagram followers? Do you want to know the reason for lose followers on Instagram? I understand how it’s experienced when someone loses their followers immediately on an Instagram profile. Unfortunately, I have faced this situation. Therefore, I have discussed the reasons and their solution for losing followers on Instagram. 

The main reasons for losing followers on Instagram are irrelevant or dull captions, low-quality content, not using hashtags or irrelevant hashtags, robotic or fake followers, and maybe your account is in the sandbox. These are the main reasons for losing followers on Instagram. So, you can also recover your lose followers after using TopFollow Latest Version.

When I solve all these things, my account starts ranking again, and my followers increase daily. And within a month, my followers are growing in thousands. When you recover your followers, also learn how to increase Instagram followers. So, let’s discuss the solution of these problems. 

Instagram Account Is In Sandbox And Their Solution

Instagram account is in sandbox and their solution

It is the first reason for losing followers on Instagram. If your account is in the sandbox, do anything. Your followers will not be increased. The Instagram account, which is in a sandbox, does not show to any people. Therefore, your followers are decreasing instead of increasing. 

Why Instagram Put Your Account In Sandbox?

Instagram puts your account in a sandbox due to low-quality content, using wrong hashtags, or spamming in comments. If you do all these things, your account is in the sandbox. 

How To Check Your Account Is In Sandbox?

Pick another smartphone and open Instagram on that phone. Search your Instagram ID; if your ID is shown on another phone, It means your account is okay and not in the sandbox. If your account is not shown, understand your account is in the sandbox.

How To Recover Instagram Sandbox Account?

I suggest not to recover that account, which is in the Sandbox. Because Even if you recover your Instagram account, you will get less priority. However, I will tell you the solution if you still want to recover your account. 

First, you need to remove low-quality content from your profile. After removing this, remove all useless hashtags from your posts, which is not allowed by Instagram. 

Lastly, remove all your fake followers and buy or increase followers according to Instagram limits. You can also increase your followers with the help of TopFollow App.

So, following all these things, you can recover your account for Sandbox quickly. 

How To Fix Lose Followers On Instagram

Reasons of lose followers On Instagram

Below are all the reasons for losing followers on Instagram. Follow this to stop losing followers on Instagram. 

Low Quality Content And Irrelevant Captions

It is the main cause for losing followers on Instagram. Because if your content is not good, people who followed you started unfollowing you. Low-quality content means you use useless content in your post description or caption. 

Solution Of Fixing Low Quality Content

There is a complex solution to this problem. The simple answer is to use high-quality content. I prefer quality content over quantity. Write two lines instead of ten, but keep their quality high. 

How can you make quality content? Make your content according to your post. And write content like you and your followers talk to each other. Use you, I, and we more in your content. Also, use Infographics and high-quality images in your post. Avoid using irrelevant captions which is not similar to your post.

So, following this way, your followers will start increasing. If your content quality is good, you still lose followers on Instagram. Then, see the other reasons and ways below. 

Not Using Hashtags

It is another cause for losing followers on Instagram. It only reaches so many people if you do not use hashtags or similar hashtags about your post. Even those who followed you on Instagram did not see your post due to not using hashtags. Therefore, your followers unfollowed you due to not getting your latest post, and you lose followers on Instagram. 

How To Resolve Hashtags Issue?

You need to use hashtags that are related to your post. Use ranked hashtags to increase your followers. Search Hashtags in Google according to your niche and put those hashtags in your post. After some time, you will see how your followers increase organically by using proper hashtags. 

Don’t Buy Robotic Followers

It is the last and primary thing for lose followers on Instagram. Don’t buy robotic followers. Accepting these types of followers will decrease quickly because Instagram doesn’t allow you to buy any fake followers. 

But you can use the Topfollow App to increase your followers organically because this App’s algorithm is that you can not get fake followers. So, you must download this App to get followers within a few days. 

So, if you follow all the above guides, I hope you will retain your followers on Instagram.


You lose your followers on Instagram because your account is in spam, has fake followers, has to be irrelevant, and needs better-quality content. In most cases, you lose followers after the Instagram algorithm hits. So don’t buy fake followers to prevent the hit of Instagram and post high-quality content.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main reason is low-quality content and the need to use proper hashtags. 

The primary source for finding ranking hashtags is Google.

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