How To See Sent Follow Request On Instagram

I understand you want to know how to see sent follow request on Instagram. Because by managing or maintaining our profile, we need to look at all these things. It’s essential to keep updated on the Latest Instagram updates. But it’s also difficult for most people to be aware of every update. 

So, when I see people struggling to see sent follow requests on Instagram, I made this post for your help. First, I tell you the ways to see it. Then, I tell you other tips and tricks for visiting outgoing followers’ requests on Instagram. 

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How To See Sent Follow Request On Instagram On Android And iOS

I provide you with the method of seeing it in Android and iOS together. Because the ways are the same. You need to follow it and see your sent follow request. 

Step 1: First, open the Instagram App. If you don’t have an Instagram App, it is better to download it through Playstore or Apple Store. Otherwise, open the Instagram website. And click on your profile. 

Click on your Instagram profile

Step 2: You see the setting icon at the top right corner of your Instagram profile. Tap on settings. 

Click on settings and privacy

Step 3: After clicking on the setting, many options in front of you will appear. Just click on privacy and security in possibilities. 

Click on password and security

Step 4: Then you see the option before two-factor authentication. The option is Data download. Just tap on request download. 

Click on download data

Step 5: When you click on the request, you must give some details. Provide the email in which you want to see the sent follow-up request. Then click on the following two formats, HTML and JSON, in front of you. Please choose one of them. After that, Tap on next. 

Step 6: You need to give your account password for more verification. Enter it! Click on the download button.

Hurrah! You do all the steps. Now, wait for a while. Instagram will send you an email in which you will see all sent follow requests on Instagram. After receiving the email, download your data through email and follow the guidelines. I hope you got the answer to how to see sent follow recommendations on Instagram. Now, for more ways, follow our tricks below. 

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How To See Sent Follow Request On Instagram On PC

If you want to check it on a PC or Mac, the procedure is the same for Android or iOS. We already do this process above. So we discuss again in short. You need to open the website. Then, enter into the settings > privacy policy. 

Then, request the data download, give your email, and choose one format in HTML or JSON. After a few seconds, check your mail to see if you received your data. Download and see it. 

Other Ways To See Outgoing Follow Request On Instagram

The method I tell you above to see sent follow requests on Instagram is simple and not tricky. You set some Instagram App settings and then get your data to see all outgoing requests. And it’s also the recommended and professional way to see recommendations. 

But there are many other ways and guides to answer how to see sent follow request on Instagram. Before sending a follow-up request to others, you must know about those who unfollow you on Instagram. Let’s explore the other method of How to see and follow the recommendation on Instagram. 

Check Through Your Post Likes

How to see sent follow request on instagram through likes

I hope you listen to the one word on Instagram: “Follow Back”. Most users use this trick to gain engagement, more reach and followers. Actually, In this way, you post on Instagram first. 

Then, after a day, you start receiving likes on your post. You go to your likes and see the people who liked you. After that, open the eyes of those people and follow them. You also follow without opening the ID of that person who liked you. 

When you follow them, your chance of user engagement will be high because the user who likes your post want more post from you. And when you follow him, he starts seeing or sharing your posts more. When you follow all the people who liked you in your post, take a screenshot, and you can easily see the sent follow request on Instagram. 

Now you have a screenshot of all the people you sent a follow-up request to. And when I started following people who liked my post, I faced another issue. The problem is that when I open my post, I see those people who like my post. 

Many of them were those who already followed me. As a solution, I apply the filter or sort my list by people who don’t follow me on Instagram through the blue follow button. When you already follow someone, the follow button does not show on Instagram. And when you do not follow the user, the follow button shows with the profile. 

So, that’s a problem I faced while following other people through my post-liking list. I already told you the solution and problem because maybe one of you has met this; you must know about their solution; otherwise, you will be stuck. This way, you check how to see sent follow request on Instagram through likes and increase your user engagements. 

How To See Sent Follow Request On Instagram If Account Is Private

How to see sent follow request on Instagram on PC

Yes, It’s another tricky part to see it. Because when you send a request to someone whose account is not public. Then how can you see the request on that profile? Don’t worry, it’s not difficult as seen. 

When you send a request to that account which is not public, open your following list and check the accounts in it. If accepted, your request will show in the following list; otherwise, it’s not showing in it. I expect now you learn all the methods, ways, Tips and tricks to see sent follow request on Instagram. 


Explore all the guides for seeing sent follow-up requests on Instagram. You get all significant ways of seeing it. The ways are seeing through your PC or iOS and posting likes. You also have other ways of seeing it. After following the above guides, you can also see Instagram followers’ requests if an account is private.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to check it is through your account setting in privacy and download your data to see it. 

It’s straightforward. Instagram sent you a notification. If you did not receive it, go to your following list and search for the ID you want to check. If that ID is in your follower’s list, then understand it to start following you. 

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