How To Check Instagram Likes

Are you worried about fake likes on Instagram? As we know, fake Instagram likes to affect our accounts, so most of you want to know how to check Instagram likes. I will provide you with a detailed guide on it. Let’s look at this guide. However, If you want that you get Instagram followers within a days then use TopFollow APK.

How To Check Instagram Likes (Best Strategy)

How Check Instagram Likes (Best Strategy)

Many of you need to learn to check fake likes on Instagram, so you are reading this blog. There are a lot of ways to prevent it. But, here, you get best-practice and researched ways that are 100% working. 

To check Instagram likes, we used the help of third-party software named Livedune. It’s a prevalent application that helps us in many ways. 

First of all, Livedune detects our fake Instagram likes and then helps us in our audience growth and engagement on Instagram. And the good thing is that it only requires a few requirements while in use. You need to put your username on Instagram and get results after that. 

Let’s explore how to use the Livedune application. 

How To Use Livedune Application

How To Use LiveDune

Step 1: Sign up from your gmail.

Step 2: Put your Instagram name. 

Step 3: Check likes on Instagram.

How To Check Fake Likes On Instagram

The above way I tell you is through a third-party app. Now, the strategy I tell you: If you follow, you will be able to recognize fake likes manually without using any third-party application. 

Below, I will tell you the points. If you face the same situation, understand that your likes are fake.

How To Check Fake Likes On Instagram
  • The first point is that you got likes from that person’s profile, which has 0 followers, and that profile follows many people. And it’s also irrelevant to your niche. Then, understand it’s fake.
  • Suppose you are getting more likes than your followers. It means your followers are 1,000 on Instagram, but you got 1 M likes. Then, your likes are fake.
  • The third sign of fake Instagram likes is that you suddenly get too many likes, and then it drops.
  • The next sign is that you get likes from irrelevant Instagram accounts.
  • And the last sign I also explained to you is a separate strategy named Livedune. You can quickly check fake likes through it.

Importance Of Checking Instagram likes

Importance Of Checking Followers On Instagram

It’s essential to know how to check Instagram likes. It’s more important to understand their importance. Some time ago, Instagram changed its algorithm. Before switching to the Instagram algorithm, people bought fake likes and ranked their profiles efficiently. 

But, now Instagram is strict with their algo and banned or removed those profiles that buy fake followers or likes. That’s why most people worry about their profiles, which get thousands or millions of likes daily. The leading cause of their worries is that their likes are real or fake.

That’s why everyone needs to know how to check Instagram likes and their importance. However, if you need more time to manage your profile and want likes and followers in every situation. Then, I suggest an app called TopFollow, which you like according to the Instagram algorithm.

Remember, I don’t say that the likes you get from TopFollow are 100 % real. But the way this application works seems natural. If you need to learn how it works, explore How the TopFollow App Works.


Ultimately, you need to explore Livedune and follow the second strategy I told you about. If you want to check the likes on Instagram, both are implemented and researched strategies that are working till now. I hope you explore and follow it.

Frequently Asked Questions

The strategies I tell you above both are best. But if you use the Livedune application to check it, then it will be easier than our second strategy.

Yes, your profile will be affected if you don’t remove fake likes on it.

It’s not in your hands. But you must check your Instagram daily according to our second strategy. However, it’s possible to prevent it if you buy fake likes manually. You need to stop buying it.

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