How To Recover Deleted Messages On Instagram

Are you worried about your important chats on Instagram being deleted by mistake? Don’t worry. I have told you how to recover deleted messages on Instagram. I understand how someone feels when they lose their important messages on Instagram. Do you know that you can also grow your Instagram followers through Top Follow APK.

You can recover your deleted messages through recently deleted messages, through the backup of your messages, through Instagram data and by asking your friends to forward your old messages again. 

By following these ways, you can easily recover your important messages. Let me tell you where I found this message. I found this after a lot of research. Literally, I get the ways of recovering data on Instagram when I face this issue. I lost my important message, which some people committed to me and some others. 

I worried very much because the message I lost was very important. Then, I did some research and finally got the ways which I told you in the second paragraph. After applying these methods or practices, I am feeling very happy because I get all my deleted messages. 

Let’s discuss all these methods for learning how to recover deleted messages on Instagram in case you lose your important notes. Always post the best times on Instagram If you want to rank quickly.

Recover Your Instagram Messages Through Recently Deleted Feature

Recover Your Instagram Messages Through Instagram Deleted Features

Have you used Instagram for a previous lot of years? If you are, then you also know about this feature of Instagram. Mostly, this feature helps when you mistakenly delete your content. Then, you can use this feature immediately. 

But this feature only works for some of us. The reason behind this is time restriction. Yes, you are able to recover messages within 24 hours and other videos and reels within a month. So, if you want to recover 2 or 3 months ago, this method does not work for you. 

I provide you this method if you deleted your message and you want to recover it. Then, use this feature and retrieve your messages. Therefore, this way is not helpful for all users. Your question is how to recover deleted messages on Instagram if we want to go back to three-month-old chats. Let’s explore the other ways.

How To Recover Deleted Messages On Instagram Step By Step

Method of recovering deleted messages on Instagram

As you know, this is the most common issue that people delete their important messages and then want to forget them. And when they go to recently deleted messages, they don’t recover it due to their time limit. So, Let’s explore the How To Recover Deleted Messages On Instagram. If you follow the ways below, you can recover your messages without time restrictions.

Recover Deleted Messages Through Instagram

  • Open your Instagram App, then click on your Instagram profile picture.
  • You will see a lot of options. Click on activity.
  • When you tap on activity, see below on your mobile screen. The option shows in which download information is written. Click on download information.
  • At the end, request download information. After this, you will receive an email in which all your chats are found.

After doing all the steps, you need to show some patience. Because we request Instagram to download our data, and it will take almost two weeks. So, be patient and wait for it. Instagram send you an email in which your chats, audio and videos are all given in a zip file. Download that zip file and recover the data. 

By Using Third Party App

Do you know? You also need to know how to recovered deleted messages on Instagram through third-party Apps. But if you use third-party Apps for deleting messages, your profile suspension chances will increase. 

So, it is better to recover your messages through Instagram. If you have failed to retrieve it through Instagram, then go with third-party Apps. And before purchasing or using any App, you need to test that App. 

I have used so many Apps, but I am never satisfied with any App for recovering my messages. I always recover my deleted messages through Instagram. If you want to use a better App, try TopFollow App. Watch our complete guideline of how to use TopFollow App.

Request To Your Friend For Recovering Your Deleting Messages

How does your friend help you in this case? Let me tell you! How do you recover deleted messages on Instagram through your friend? Your friends only allow you to forward your message again. 

Yes, suppose you have talked about some important thing to your friends, and then you lost all these important chats. But, in your friend chats, all messages are shown because they don’t lose. Ask your friend to resend you all those messages; in this way, you recover the message with the help of your friend.

How To Recover Your Deleted Photos On Instagram 

How to recover deleted photos on Instagram

After getting the method, how to recover deleted messages on Instagram. You also need to know about deleted photos. The process of recovering pictures or all other media is the same as messages. Only a few steps are different. 

  • Open your profile.
  • Go to your account settings.
  • Tap on recently deleted.
  • If you feel any problem finding deleted messages, search them in the search box. 

To avoid losing your important message on Instagram, please make a backup on Gmail.

How To See Deleted Messages On Instagram

How To See Deleted Messages on Instagram

Suppose you want to see your deleted messages on Instagram. Please don’t go with any third-party App because you can see it through your mobile. Before deleting any news, you need to be on the notifications of Instagram.

Allow notification of Instagram and then delete any message. Now, you can easily delete through your notification history.

  •  Open your mobile settings and then search for notifications in the search bar.
  •  Then click on notification. After this, go to advanced settings.
  • Click on notification history. And view all the deleted messages on Instagram.

So, by following the method of seeing the deleted message through notification history, you will see all messages deleted by you. Remember, don’t forget to allow the notification of Instagram. Otherwise, you will not find any deleted messages in the notification history. 


Let me explain all the above methods in a single part of the conclusion. You can recover deleted messages on Instagram through the deleting feature of Instagram, by third-party applications, and after requesting to your friends.

However, you also heal the deleted photos. But you need to look at the above options carefully. After that, you can quickly recover everything on Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way is to recover messages through Instagram. 

No, it’s better to see this manually through your notification history. 

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