How To Remove Fake Followers On Instagram

I know you are worried about how to remove fake followers on Instagram and want to know how to do it. Instagram algorithms are very strict about fake followers, likes, or anything. If it detects it, then it’s banned from your Instagram account. Therefore, let me tell you how to remove it. 

The first way to remove these fake followers on Instagram is manually on Instagram. If you don’t have time to do it manually, use an application to remove it. The last way is to hire someone to remove fake followers. 

But it’s best to do it from your side, which helps you learn and saves you money. Let’s practically explore this. However, if you want followers quickly on your new Instagram profile then TopFollow APK is another option for you.

How To Remove Fake Followers On Instagram Manually

How To Remove Followers On Instagram Manually

Before learning how to remove fake followers on Instagram, you must know how to detect them manually. Yes, if you don’t know how to check fake followers, how can you remove it?

Let me tell you the main points of detecting it. 

  • A good, well-known, popular, and ranked Instagram account helps promote your business. 
  • The posts from fake Instagram follower profiles are of very low quality.
  • The main reason is that your fake followers follow thousands of people, and their followers are very few, as shown in the picture below.
  • Most posts in the fake follower profile are duplicates.
  • The username is also a random fake Instagram user profile.

Deleting Fake Instagram Followers Manually

Step 1: Identify them: As I told you, it’s a main sign to identify them. But now the question is, where can we find such followers? So, it’s very simple. 

Open your Instagram profile and then go to your profile and check your Instagram followers individually. If your profile contains such fake followers, then you can easily find their profile. 

Step 2: What do you think you should do after finding fake followers on Instagram? You have two options. One is to block them manually. And it’s also a recommended option. Because if you block them, they will never be able to follow you again from that profile. 

Second, the option is to delete this follower from your profile. But I don’t recommend this option. The reason is that, suppose you delete your fake followers. But, it will be able to follow you again. And when they follow you again, your hard work for doing the above steps is wasted. 

Step 3: We called this step extra and took care of our Instagram profile. In this third step, you must check your Instagram followers daily because these fake Instagram accounts start following you after some time.

Step 4: It’s the last and most important step. Without following this step, learning how to remove fake Instagram followers on Instagram is incomplete. In this, you report such counterfeit profiles on Instagram which you found in your followers list. 

The main benefit of doing this is that fake profiles don’t allow you to follow others when you have reported it. Instagram banned that profile if a large number of people said it. So, that’s why I tell you to do it in the end, after completing all the above steps.

Use Apps Or Website To Remove Fake Followers On Instagram

Remove Fake Followers On Instagram Through Un-beat website and App

It is for you if you don’t want to remove fake followers manually. If you agree to do it manually, then it’s best. But as you know, eliminating followers manually is a time-consuming process. Therefore, I have brought this to you. 

In this way, you know that there are a lot of websites that provide unlimited Instagram features for free. So, inbeat websites are one of them. You need to visit their website and then scroll down. Then press ctrl + F. The search tab will open before you. 

Then, search Instagram for fake followers and find it in this website’s footer. Click on it and then copy your Instagram username into it. When you put in it and click on analysis, all the stats of your Instagram account are in front of you. 

You will check all your engagements, fake followers, and more here. So, I hope you will like this method. We also provide a detailed guide on increasing your Instagram followers, which helps you grow your followers organically.

Hire Professional To Remove Your Fake Followers On Instagram

Hire Professional For Removing Fake Followers On Instagram

The last way is for those people who are busy in their businesses and don’t have enough time to do the above methods. It’s not recommended for those people who have time but don’t do the above techniques.

You also need money in $ for doing this method. Just go to and then search about removing fake followers on Instagram. You will find a lot of gigs here. Hire the people according to your budget and after seeing their reviews.

That people remove your Instagram fake followers within a day. So, it’s the last way to learn how to remove fake followers on Instagram.

Why It’s Important To Remove Fake Followers On Instagram?

Why It's Important To Remove Fake Followers

As I tell you in the first paragraph of this book, Instagram algorithms must be very strict about their terms and policies. So, don’t buy fake followers. Instead of this, use TopFollow to grow your followers.

If your profile contains fake followers, then Instagram detects it and bans your profile or drinks it. That’s why removing all these types of followers from your profile is necessary.


Most users are worried about their fake followers. Therefore, I will provide three ways to learn how to remove fake followers on Instagram. I will give you all the important things for manually removing it through the application or hiring someone. Follow any of the ways mentioned above, remove fake followers, and save your Instagram profile. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way is to remove your Instagram fake followers manually.

Use an un-beat tool to check it.

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