Why Your Instagram Followers Not Increasing And It’s Solution

You are worried about your Instagram followers not increasing. It’s stuck at the minimum limit. As you know, if you don’t have Instagram Followers, your engagement and popularity will not increase. 

The main reason Instagram followers are not going up is the content which you are posting on it. Out of 100 per cent, 70% of cases are those who have not used popular content, and that’s why your Instagram followers not increasing. 

However, there are a lot more reasons, like inconsistency, Lack of UI/UX engagement, Low authority profile, Lack of connections to similar accounts, Not utilizing all the features of Instagram, Buying Fake followers, and Lack of profile optimization. Still if you want to buy fake followers then TopFollow is the best for this. Let’s explain these reasons with the solutions. 

Instagram Followers Not Increasing And It’s Solutions

Reasons of Instagram Followers Not Increasing

Worthless Content

The content which is not related to your niche or you cover or put any useless information in your niche is known as Worthless content. It’s the first and main reason why Instagram followers not increasing. 

Now, do you think that what’s the solution to it? And how can we check whether our content is worthless or not? So, the solution is very simple. Before posting on Instagram, read your content as a user place. 

Check whether you understand your content or not as a reader or user. If it satisfies you, then post it. Your followers will definitely increase. However, let me give you some tips which is very helpful for you while making your content for your post. 

The first thing to notice about your content is to make it point-to-point. Make content like when your user starts reading, it does not go back after reading your complete post. It also increases the engagement of your user with your profile. 

The next thing is to use proper images according to your niche. It also increases your followers. So, these are some solutions to preventing your account from using worthless content. 

Inconsistency on Instagram

When you start anything, you need consistency if you want success. Otherwise, you won’t achieve your goal without consistency. So, inconsistency is another reason why Instagram followers not increasing.

The solution of it is also simple. Be consistent on Instagram, post at least one day with worthy content and see the magic you see in how your Instagram followers increase

Less User Engagement 

The third reason Instagram followers not increasing is the very low user engagement. User engagement is another step to success on Instagram. So, if you are not engaged with your audience jus, follow consistent posting. Your followers won’t increase. 

So, how can you engage with your users? The first step to increase user engagement is to increase the value of your content. Post the content which your user wants. 

After that, I replied to the comments in a very humble way. Response to your audience humbly. When you do it, with increasing user engagement, your followers on Instagram also increase. 

Not Build Connections With Similar Instagram Accounts

The account which is relevant to your niche is known as a similar account. When you don’t build connections from similar accounts, your Instagram followers do not increase; the reason is that an account which is similar to your niche helps you to grow by sharing your posts or promoting them. 

So, please build connections first with similar accounts. Try to help them. When you build connections and once your niche-relevant account shares your post, your followers will increase within a day in thousands. So, that’s why it’s another ranking factor for increasing your Instagram followers. 

Not Utilizing The All Features Of Instagram

When you start your journey with Instagram, you need to explore all these features. If you don’t do this, it’s affected in the form of Instagram followers not increasing. If you don’t explore it, you lose a massive audience. 

So, explore all the features of Instagram to increase your followers, like IGTV, Instagram stories, and reels. Post your content on all of them to get massive followers.

Low Authentic Profile

When you start a new Instagram profile, it will be low-authentic in the eye of Instagram, which is why your Instagram followers not increasing. So, how can you make your Instagram profile authentic? Let’s explore.

First, try to make genuine content. Also, explore the fastest ways to get Instagram followers. Explain your experience in the content of your post. Don’t copy the content. Make your content, which helps you to grow. In last, don’t copy images. After doing it, your profile authority will be boosted.

Fake Followers

For quick success on Instagram, many users buy fake followers, which is not fair at the start. Instagram is very strict about it. It detects immediately if you buy fake followers because the seller who sells you, followers, is robotic. 

That’s why I recommend that if you want followers, quickly do it with the help of the TopFollow App. Otherwise, do it with another secured app which you know. But in my opinion, TopFollow is best.

But, better than all these things, grow organically through your content and posts. When you grow like this, you will never lose your Instagram followers.

Profile Optimization

Most Instagram users start work and post on it without optimizing it’s profile, which is too wrong. As a result, you’re Instagram followers not increasing. Profile optimization is the first step to start your journey on Instagram. 

Optimizing your Instagram profile is not a rocket science method. You need to make a proper profile. Use your brand or your images professionally, which attracts your users. 

Set your profile name and write a concise bio which your users can easily understand. And then start posting on Instagram with high-quality content. Following this way, you get millions of followers.


Don’t promote your Instagram profile excessively. Promote it according to Instagram limits if you share your profile too much or share it through any third App. Your profile will be derailed. It’s good to promote your profile but in a proper way. 


I will explain to you all the reasons why Instagram followers are not increasing if you follow all the steps and reasons with the solution I mentioned above. Then It’s impossible for your followers not to increase. It will definitely grow, and your profile will also grow with it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The main reason for it is low value or unworthy content.

Yes, if you buy fake followers, Instagram de-ranks your profile. That’s why your followers are not increasing. 

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